Who are the people who make the most popular video games around the world?

Gaming industry revenue of as much as 91 billion dollars over the past year, making this area of IT again proved to be one of the most promising when the high earnings are concerned.

Such figures are most deserving of the increasing number of video game enthusiasts, but also of those who do not want to become part of the geysing industry.

Given the fact that these games makes for creating a large number of experts from various fields of IT, have a chance to all who choose to study in this field. However, experts in the design, drawing and animation of 3D objects have a more important role than the others.

They are the most deserving of the most popular video games

Games year after year are becoming more realistic, and this is the main reason gather more gamers and generate higher profits. If you’ve always enjoyed playing video games, then you probably know that they are just visual representations of objects and figures most responsible for the first impression that we acquire about a particular title.

For their creation are in charge of 3D designers, tasked as more original shows football players in PES, the characters in League of Legends, cars in Dirt Rally or complete folders in Counter Strike.

These specialists, with the help of software such as 3ds Max and AutoCAD, projected all that we see on the screen while trying to outsmart opponents. Modeling, creation of 3D animation and rendering, or shading and trimming colors and details facilities are just some of the opportunities that these programs provide to reach are more realistic appearance in the virtual world.

And you can become one of them

Advanced techniques for working in AutoCAD and 3ds Max programs can overcome but after a year of education. These are very powerful software, but once you learn the basics of working, they become very simple to use.

Training in 3D design and CAD field, regardless of whether you opt for traditional teaching or learning to further via the Internet, will give you useful knowledge and practical skills that are very widely used. In other words, training in this software will allow you to in addition to the gaming industry, find a great deal and in other areas, such as architecture, interior design, digital animation or film and digital media.

On the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program to ITAcademy will have the opportunity to attend a course 3D modeling in AutoCAD, but also many other courses that will prepare you for independent handling all the functionalities offered by Autodesk software.

International certificates for the start of a successful career

Skills to cope in the AutoCAD and 3ds Max to prepare you to perform various tasks, and international certificates that represent a confirmation of your knowledge will allow you the opportunity to get to work and show what you have learned.

ITAcademy as authorized Autodesk Training Center gives you a chance to gain some of the prestigious certificate of the company in the field of design and design. Considering the value that Autodesk certificates carry, as well as the rapid development of the gaming industry in all parts of the world, will not you share a lot of time from achieving your desires and starting a successful career 3D designers.